Gratitude + Faith = Dependence 

“Gratitude is past-oriented dependence; faith is future-oriented dependence.” – John Piper

Gratitude and Faith, both dependence on God.
for all that we have, for all of who we are… thankful.
for all that we desire, for all of who we pray to be… faith-filled.
for yesterday, thank you. for tomorrows, we praise You.
the haves, and the desires; the identity, the relationships, and the accomplishments… all fall short of You. Nothing, no-one satisfies the way You do. Nothing, no-one is worth all of our gratitude, all of our faith, all of our weighty worship, except for You.
You – Maker of Heaven and Earth. You – Giver of life to all who live and move and have their being. You – Sustainer, Healer, Provider, Protection. You – Savior, Friend, Redeemer, Shepherd. You, Way, Truth, and Life. You, merciful, slow-to-anger, compassionate, just, mighty, good.
You’re the Beginning and End, the Author and Perfecter of our grateful hope, of our dependent faith.
We are totally, completely, irrefutably, ultimately, in every way possible, dependent on You. Yesterday, today, this minute, tomorrow, years to come, into eternity, forever.
Orient all of us around all of who You are & may we always fully depend on You.
* This post was first published November 11, 2015.

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