life-giving home . an invitation

so, I instagrammed this :

Instagram Post

“If there was ONE book I would recommend to you for 2017 I quickly read this book last spring and loved it – so much in fact I just knew I had to read it again.
This book builds a framework for “home” in part one, builds walls using each month of the year as part two’s chapter headings, and then fills each room with beautiful riches in each page. The solid frame, the sturdy ideas, and the beauty of God and Home on display in this book inspire me to build a house for the love of God and in order to love others, my family, my friends, neighbors, and anyone who may pass by.
For my next few posts, I am going to share with you from this fantastic read. (And say you’re not a reader,.. you’re more of a listener,… Sally has “life-giving home” podcasts.)”

This post led to a bigger idea – I thought, what if I could somehow do a book club of sorts for all of my friends, far and near, from all of the different places and seasons of life that we have become friends… and as I talked with Tyler and we plotted out what this would look like we said, well, let’s try it. Our “try it” on the table let to a flurry of Facebook videos – the first, an invitation, the second, a framework of the life giving home book and the vision set forth in this book, and the third, a video on the month of January …

All with the direct intent to create a life giving home in my own home, to encourage my book club girls to do the same in their own homes, and to engage the possibility of helping to eradicate the homelessness that Sally writes of in a place – Facebook – where often so many of us feel so very isolated. What if we could all be friends – family – home together?  What if we could seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness worked out in our homes, together!? I think – YES! Let’s try it. We can’t fail! After all, we are going after HIM! Jesus, who is Life, who is Home, who is the One to whom we belong.

So come on – join in! Let’s do this together. Let’s read this book – Life Giving Home – together and let’s dream of what it would look like to build a house that is full of riches, and let’s do whatever the Lord reveals to us in our dreams with Him.

And let’s begin at the beginning – January.



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