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As promised in the LIVE life Giving Home chat on January here is a little bit more on our January & inspiration I gleaned from the book…

We welcomed Haddon into the world, we celebrated Christmas, we traveled to Greensboro with MPB, and we bumped right into 2017.

we have a five-year strong family tradition of taking a picture like this on new year’s eve… and i think this year’s is my most favorite yet 🙂


As we entered into the new year, we wanted slow. We wanted to snuggle down and sip hot. We wanted to establish our new family’s life together.

We wanted to continue the theme that we began at Advent – Jesus in the Light of the World. So in the dark cold of January, we left our Christmas lights twinkling. We kept up our tree the entire month. I lit candles and strung a few more white lights around the house. The little lights glittered all around our home, filling dark corners with a soft glow. And as I read a picture book to my boys in the morning … and later sipped tea with Tyler after bedtime, Jesus enveloped us with His light. of love, of peace, of life.

candle lit quiet time
and the white lights twinkling at night made me know i had nothing to dread…
a strand of lights tucked into a bowl in our room

As you well-know, friends, I love a good book. For any and every occasion I want to borrow books, buy books, and most especially read books. For the boys this January, I borrowed a pile of book on “snow” from the library, and then purchased two… one on the gifts of winter, and another written and illustrated by one of our favorites, Jonathan Bean.

Big Snow by Jonathan Bean 


I learn about so many of the good books that I check out from the library through Pinterest.


For reading, I kept cozy blankets on the couches, and cozy pillows on beds. I piled books on godly character and all of the children’s bibles and devotion books we have into the boys’ room’s book basket. I thought starting the year with a focus on godly character might be a good idea. 😉

that fur blanket is my winter-time favorite
a cozy warm rug for bare feet was a nice addition to hadron’s nursery


As we entered into our new normal, I considered the questions Sally asks on page 45 of the January chapter of Life Giving Home. We had a rhythm pre-holiday, pre-very very pregnant, and the biggest task was just getting back to it now that the holidays were past and the baby is here. We wanted wintertime to be a ‘home-time’ so we have tried to keep Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as home-days, with bible study on Tuesday, and Leland goes to CLUBS on Thursday.

When it is sunny and warm, which we have enjoyed a lot of those days this January, we go outside! And when it’s cold and dreary, we eat soup and drink homemade hot chocolate.

It was fun this year because it snowed so shortly after Christmas… which gave our family much desired time together to do nothing. Praise the Lord for His great grace – I was feeling the desire for time together, alone, with nothing to do, but I didn’t know how that was going to happen. Well, the Lord gifted me with snow, and time sequestered in our home, just the five of us.

I love how Sally talks about establishing routines, and I talk a lot about that in the Facebook Live January video. I invite you to watch it and get involved in the discussion.

I’ve been using this monthly calendar free printable & the coordinating weekly to do sheet. I stick it inside my pantry & refer to it almost daily.

At the end of the January chapter, Sally writes, “So plan your days, allow flexibility, and keep moving in the direction of your ideals a little at a time. I believe you’ll see that your intentional investment of time will promote valuable habits in the lives of all those who share your home – you included.” (p 58)

 I couldn’t agree more… So, let’s do this holy homemaking thing together, seeking first His Kingdom, looking to love others well and love Jesus with our all.

Sally has turned me into a tea drinker – and this one is my current favorite. I add some honey and ooh la la it’s perfect 🙂 What’s your favorite tea?




7 thoughts on “life-giving home . january

  1. Love this blog! I am a friend of your sister, Noelle. I began “following” you and your journey after seeing her share your material. You are a wonderful inspiration and often post just what I need to hear. Thank you!

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