life-giving home . february

One of the things I value in conversation is the sharing of resources. I so appreciate it when a friend exclaims, “Hey I think you would love this” and recommends a book, shares a recipe, or gives me new insight on how to get something done that i do every day.

So in an effort to love you in this month of love + in an attempt to engage homemaking together – I am going to share a few of my favorite resources with you.

  1. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

2. Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Books, girlfriend, are life-givers. And a good book gives good life. Francine Rivers fictionalizes the story of Hosea in such a compelling, tender way… you don’t want to miss this treasure. Sally’s book is for children, but every time we read it to our sons, I come away misty-eyed and full-hearted. She sings the good news of Jesus over my soul in such a precious way. In both of these fantastic reads, you hear “Jesus loves you”… Like we talked about in  our LIVE time together. For all of the every day time and each special time you need to hear that truth, go to these books.

3. barkThins  dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt snacking chocolate

4. helloFresh meal plan and delivery service

Need I say more? 🙂 Chocolate is one of those common graces from the Lord that I am so glad I get to enjoy and share. barkThins is a bag of “snacking” chocolate, thin slivers of the good stuff that is (a little too) easy to access. I love to share a piece with my boys after lunch and then savor another bite with some coffee in the afternoon. (Not to mention all of the other times…)

I am only just stepping into the world of meal plan+delivery service but the concept is strong to me. Hello Fresh offered $40 off of my first delivery and I took them up on it! It’s a referral based business, so my sister, who referred it to me, also got $20 off of her next box. I chose the family plan with three meals. In a typical week I plan three meals, so this was a plug and play decision. I am excited to receive my first box this coming Monday and get cooking. The time saved not planning and purchasing the groceries seems like a win! Plus Hello Fresh has an iPhone app, which I appreciate, because I utilize my phone at any point that I can (groceries; to do lists; email; writing blog posts… 😉

5. this quote and idea from the book : Sally writes in Life Giving Home, “I have realized over many years that crafting a culture of love – gracious, sacrificial, validating, forgiving love – requires a loving and generous heart… It also means choosing, again and again, to focus on what really matters in life.” (65)

Who is Love? Jesus Christ. And whoever we are, we are to fix our focus on Jesus Christ. He will gift us with a new heart, a heart like His, loving, gracious, sacrificial, validating, and forgiving…and in Him, we will live out love wherever we are, to whomever the Lord has placed in our lives. Sally writes in the chapter on month of February that loving one another looks like taking special time, celebrating special days, enjoying the every day together with your special people. She shows her reader that incarnational love is in all of these things as well as “keeping house – picking up those messes one more time – is a service of worship to God as we craft a place of beauty and comfort for all who enter our sanctuary of His very presence.” It encourages me so much that picking up toys, wiping down the counter over and over again, pulling up the sheets… all, worship, all praise to the Lord, our Dwelling Place. As she ends her chapter, I wrap up this post, “I can trust Him to transform (LOVE THIS!) all my efforts into the stuff of eternity. Love wins. Love always wins.”


O Lord, bless the work of my hands, and of my sisters’ hands, as they hold their hands high to worship You, as they hold their hands cupped on precious littles, as their hands hold their husband’s… picking up, putting down, pulling together, putting back into place…. Jesus establish the work of our hands and heart in eternity, that what we do in the here and now might be heaven-worthy. In your Holy Name, Amen.


“And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony…” – Colossians 3:14 ESV




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