homeschool, honestly : one-piece life

This school year, I have felt the difference.
Leland, if we were going the public school route, would be up our backyard’s hill at the neighborhood school. I watch, washing the dishes and listening to my boys playing, as parents drop off their littles ones in the morning. I see moms pull up the carpool to collect their small students as I cuddle with my sons on the couch, reading a book. All of these sights, just up the hill.
It’s a difference I’m aware of when all four of us, Haddon tucked into the ergo, a boy on each elbow, walk into the grocery store – the library – the indoor pool – the playground – in the middle of the day. Others’ eyes ask.
I’m happy with our decision and ok with the difference. I’ve heard from other seasoned homeschool moms that we homeschoolers are actually among the majority in North Carolina.
I’m not upset by it, or uncomfortable with it, but it is something.
On the other hand, I grow more happily confident in the rhythm of homeschooling each week. We do, as Ann writes, live one-piece lives. The line between learning and living is a hard one to trace; we can barely make it out. And I like that so much. I want our sons to be life-long learners, and learners who live life well. I have the opportunity personally to cultivate this lifestyle, and to erase the line.
At the same time, I understand that education is a discipline, and subtly but surely, it is one I am almost daily working into the habit of my children. Most days, we get out our school box and go through the pages of math, reading, and writing. And each day, we go through the pages of history, science, literature, poetry, and Scripture and soak in whatever we are able to absorb. Sometimes we draw; sometimes we imagine. Sometimes we ask questions and find answers in another book we’ve been reading. We ask, and listen, we learn and we laugh. We work and we play and we live, together.
Learning. – Living. – Home.
This is our one-piece life rhythm, one I’m realizing is different, one I’m growing in, appreciative and content.
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