life-giving home . how to host your own

What started as a “How can I do this?” has turned into a “We can do this in so many ways!” for me, and I want to share with you a few ways you can host your own Life-Giving Home experience.

—> After I read Life Giving Home last spring, I had an aha! moment. The women’s ministry at our church wanted to revive our book club, desired decentralized small groups, and prayed to connect organically the seasoned and younger women at our church. I thought – this book would be perfect!

So with the pastor’s wife and the women’s ministry coordinator we worked out my dream. Through our life classes and the church worship folder we advertised and personally invited all of the church women to sign up for this experience. It was something like we had never done before, so plenty of people had plenty of questions. And once we began to answer them, everyone wanted to be apart of it!

We began in January … we met at the pastor’s wife’s house for a big ole lasagna supper over happy conversation and meeting the ladies who would be our small group throughout the year.

When the ladies signed up, the trio-team got together and prayerfully divided the women into small groups. We tried to have a couple of seasoned women and a few younger girls. These ladies were put together at the January supper, and then went from there – with introductions, discussing when would work best for them to meet next month, and all around chatting excitedly about the new endeavor.

Now, each small groups meets once a month when they want to and where they choose. The month’s chapter serves as a springboard for discussion.

This idea created Titus 2 – style small groups. It’s neat to be able to have a collection of ages, experience, and life stage. Everyone can open their homes so their friends can peek inside. (It’s such a treasure to see how other people live!)

That’s just one of the ways.

I wanted to host a book club with friends and neighbors, and just all of the girls who had taken interest in the Life Giving Home book, but I only saw all of the obstacles. Tyler said “utilize Facebook Live!” I’m so glad I said YES! It’s turned into a fun way to connect with family, friends, and people I am just getting to know, over a great topic – God’s vision of home + homemaking. You can join our Life Giving Home Facebook group here. Invite friends who live in another state to join you for our Facebook Live event — it will be their event, too!

Share the book with a small group of neighbors or friends. Y’all could go on a walk or chat about the book while the kids play.

Another good idea —> Host a “soup and a story” supper in your home and invite neighbors to come enjoy soup together and share their story of how they purchased their home, memories they’ve made, and what their dreams are for the future. Then you can see if there’s interest to continue to get together and use the book as a conversation starter for your get togethers.

Open your heart and open your home! Engage whatever the Lord shows you as you enjoy our book this year.




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