life-giving home . december . christmas + the year’s end

‘Why do we celebrate? … Because we need to remember the eternal. Some realities – like Christmas – demand a response of heart, of soul, and even appearance. We need to celebrate Christmas so that we feel – in heart, in touch, and in memory – the full weight of   the reality.’ – Sarah Clarkson, Life Giving Home, December

When we celebrate, we engage heaven. we engage the eternal. We enter into the the reality that this is God’s world, not our own, that He is the One who saves us from ourselves and our sin and the awful domain of Satan, that He is the One who loves us and preserves us and makes and re-makes us, not we ourselves, not some other magic potion or perfect formula.

Jesus down to every little jot and tittle is THE reason for the season. for the celebration.

So when you breathe in the scent of warm apple pie mixed with sizzling bacon and delicious hot cocoa, when you walk through the biting cold and brisk winter wind, when you watch a love open in delight their gift, stick your face close to Jesus’ and breathe Him in, feel Him all around you, see Him in every shadow and sunlight and surprise. Stick your face to His and see Him. Savor Him. Share Him. and Celebrate Jesus Christ, the newborn King.

As I conclude this time in Sally Clarkson’s The Life Giving Home book, I pray that I live by all the Word exhorts my home to be… that my home could be, would be, a little window into heaven, a little taste of glory divine… even in the piles of laundry (I’ve begun to see piles of gold…), even in the dirty dishes (I’ve begun to notice full bellies and happy hearts), through the handprinted windows and walls (decorations I could never afford, priceless to me…), grace upon grace upon piling grace… I pray,… piling all the way to heaven, all the way to Home.

Home, this morning . 9:53A Friday, Dec 15th . 2017 / the boys are playing outside / the baby is sleeping / tyler is hard at work / here i am…



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