what we do with santa

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 10.54.36 AM.png
I sincerely love Coca Cola’s Norman Rockwell-ian illustrations of Santa 

The other evening with good friends we were sharing all this Christmas related, and the topic of Santa came up. Some of the girls have children grown, and they shared what they did. Some of the girls – like myself – have little ones, and we are still creating our own family culture, deciding what our family’s traditions will be. It was intriguing to engage this discussion of what to do with Santa.

(Now if you didn’t realize this was a discussion, or anything to think through, that’s ok! – but here’s the list : As Christian parents, how should Santa be introduced, acknowledged, and affirmed, or apart of, our Christmas celebration, which, for Christians, is primarily the celebration of Jesus’ birthday.)

I thought it might be helpful, and at least interesting, to share with you how we approach Santa 🙂 and to do that, I am going to share an article with you, because it is this article that cemented our thoughts and directed how we celebrate Christmas, and what we do with Santa.

—> Should You Tell Your Kids The Truth About Santa 


So let me know what you think about this article. How do you as a Christian parent engage Santa and the Christmas holiday?


PS : Did you watch the entire video in the link I shared above!? Did you know the original Saint Nicholas fought against female sex trafficking!? 




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