End of the year and End of your life

Before Christmas even arrives, planners fill the shelves at Target. How do I know? Because I bought one! Before my birthday, which is November 6th, and excitedly showed Tyler the gift I bought myself.

If you’d like to know what planner I purchased, this is the one most similar = May Designs 2018 Planner

So many people buy planners and so many other people tell you how to plan your life, all before Christmas even comes.

And once you actually reach the day after Christmas, all you – all I! – can think about it filling in my *new* planner!

I do love the blank fresh pages. I do love all the hope a new year holds.

But before we rush – maybe you’re already there! – or maybe you’re hiding from all of the crazies who are planning their next quarter of a year,…- before we rush into the next year, I want to share with you a place to pause.

This article by John Piper comes to mind at the end of every year since I read it. The blog post was published in 2012, and I think I read it that year. Y’all – here’s the link and I cannot recommend it enough.

Article = Death Rehearsal

Rehearsing our own death is a task we need to do and a reality we must face before we rush into the new year. Life IS fleeting and the Lord is the final say. So let’s rehearse our deaths in order that we might LIVE.

I had already been thinking about finding this article and reading it again today or tomorrow as I finished Chip Gaines’ book, Capital Gaines. I borrowed it from the library thinking it would be a quick read, and I do really like his older-brother, funny+wise way about him, but truth be told, the book was so much better that I expected, and all I just-so-hoped it would be! I want to buy it 💙

Link to buy the book = Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stufft the end of his book he writes out two different obituaries, one of them ends in tragedy; the other in faithful success. (Surely he read this desiring God article.) And surely he shows his reader, me included, will gain 😉 wisdom in doing this exercise.

So first thing – I’m writing this little post for you, and then next thing, I’m writing out my own obituary. I want the reality that life is fleeting to sink into my feet and weight me to run this race of life with perseverance, to run all the way to the Finish, to the Finisher of our Faith.

Let me know what you think of the article,.. or if you’ve read his book. And even more importantly let me know how your death rehearsal goes 💙 I pray thinking through death will motivate you to LIVE through life. 💥

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