loving to read

It’s not only that I think reading is a good idea, though the practice can get sorta messed up, but it’s that I love reading. I do love a new book, with fresh pages just begging for me to underline or circle, to write comments in the margin and doggy-ear its pages, but it’s not a new books that gets me reading.

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I love the conversation with the author; the ideas presented and the stories shared. I love to compare my ideas and life with theirs and see the intersections and see where I can go with the author.

I try to choose books that will point me to the Gospel – I need the Gospel everywhere  I can get it, so oftentimes my book pile reflects that.

For February, I want to ENGAGE LOVE and I can’t think of a better way to help me along than through a good pile of books.

This is my pile :

Love Does by Bob Goff 

Love Lives Here by Maria Goff

The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis 

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…. and carrying over from my January list…

the Bible, with a read through the bible in a year plan – I feel like I have never read the bible ever before. (and I have!) I am seeing so much and I am learning so much about the Lord and it’s flooring and it’s exhilarating and it’s totally worth doing it. I mean girlfriend! How do you eat an elephant? ONE bite at a time. Get after it with me, and read the Word!

The Peacemaker by Kevin Sande, which I plan to finish this month, and so far, has been a lot more straightforward than I expected, which makes it easier to read than I assumed it would be. At the same time, the book is deep and rich and a really good read. It’s helpful that the wording and ideas are presented clearly because the application might end up being really hard and even complicated. It takes a real-life wisdom to write a book on conflict resolution in such a clear thinking way.

Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson – my sisters and I are reading through this and discussing it as we go along, and they voted to read through it slowly. This could be in the pile for the whole year

I have started into two of the three books in my February list. I love Maria’s book; she comes across as a really kind momma who loves everyone she meets, who mothers anyone who will let her, in the best of ways. I am so glad she gently shares her stories with the godly insights the Lord has shared with her. Reading her not only is a sweet conversation for me, but it also helps me consider the the way I write.

I am borrowing the book Love Does, which I think is only appropriate. The act of borrowing seems to put into practice the idea presented in Bob’s book.

Four Loves – and C. S. Lewis. Oh my. It may take you a minute, it may take a minute for your eyes to adjust and your head to comprehend his words, but it’s worth it. I read this book in college and vowed to read it again one day to my children. For now, I am reading it to myself and I plan to read a bunch of it to Tyler. (I’m looking at you, long car ride trips!) I am MOST excited to go to heaven to be with Jesus and to see our children and to BE THERE …. and I am very excited too to meet good ole Clives Staples Lewis. I think I will be standing in a long line, but that’s ok. Hopefully in heaven I will be patient 😉 I’m not far enough in to share with you my “favorite” part yet, but suffice it to say, it will probably be the entire thing. Get it girlfriend, and read it!

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** check out my Pinterest board Read Worthy for more books, fantastic articles, and a few pretty pictures, too



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