well, welcome.

I really am so glad you’re here.

I’m Rachel and this is my corner. Come on in!

I named my blog every little jot and tittle when I was in the infant years of my first two sons, and in my own infant years of being a momma.

It was in that special season of life that I realized

the little is the big. 

…that all of the mundane and the messy, that all of the mess-ups and all of me is ordained by the Lord, for my good, His glory, His kingdom; that in this life He is serving up foretastes of eternal life, like comfort food to His children, and I am one of them, for you and for me to feast on and enjoy in the everyday of life. 

And I wanted to share these taste of heaven and earth through my blog. 

Since renaming my blog a couple of years ago

  • I’ve now been a wife for almost eleven years
  • my two babies are bigger and we have another boy – I’m three sons in and seven years through being a momma (because I definitely count pregnancy as part of motherhood)
  • I’m a thirty-two year old woman

and the turn from 31 to 32 did something to me. I realized, I’m an adult. I’ve been doing this wife + momma + homemaker thing for a little bit now, and by God’s great grace, it’s sticking around, and in all of it, I want to live into the woman God designed and saved me to be. This life is the good work He prepared beforehand for me. I want to live into His love and His glory.

Part of the work He has created for me is to share with women what He is showing me.

This space I began in the infancy of my current season of life is growing up, just like my marriage; just like our sons; just like me.

So, I want this year to be where I lean close and share with you the what the Lord has revealed to me. He shows me Himself through His Word, through the seasons of the year and of life, through relationships, through hardship and suffering, through my loving-leading husband, my three little men, through the seemingly insignificant and the truly breath-taking.

And as I see and savor Him, I want to share these foretastes of eternal life for us to enjoy in the everyday of life.

When I’m with a friend and I see something I like, I immediately turn towards my friend, happily hit them on the arm and shout LOOK! Or, if I’m with a friend and we are eating together, and my dish is delicious, I stick out my fork out and I share a bite. So, friend, I hope what I write is like me happily shouting at you and maybe we can look together. I want to stick out my fork so we can enjoy these good foretastes through His Word and through this life He’s given us.

Maybe we can even grow up together.

a few of my favorite things .

a Good book. a Good friend. a Good bar of chocolate. really, what else do you need? oh yes, a Good cup of coffee, in a Good mug.

… and I am sure that some of these things are your favorites, too; the thing is, I’m pretty simple in this way

my men .

I’m married to Tyler, a 6 foot 3 inches blonde hair blue eyed rock star who’s nothing like the word pretentious but all together very confident and careful, and usually right, if I’m honest. He’s my leader . I love him . and I will follow him ’til death do us part.

we have three sons who we call our little men and we are raising them for the display of His splendor if it kills us. It’s not so far, and we love most every minute and it’s not the things like picking up toys that I don’t like. It’s stuff like sin and the feeling that perhaps we won’t have enough time together. That’s what heaven is for, and I am hopeful for The Day because we also have our children, Strength and Grace, more alive and with Life Himself, and I pray we all live together forever.

It’s not that death is morbidly apart of my every day vocabulary, but the thing I want to live on this side of heaven well. Starting today I want to live into His design, into His salvation, into His love for me and I want to live unafraid.

And sometimes our steps towards our wants look more like a shuffle, and I’m ok with that. Perhaps writing on my blog this year is my shuffle. Maybe it will turn into really good walking, even dancing one day.

Want to shuffle towards brave with me so we can step into Heaven with our heads held high? Subscribe here so we can do this thing together.




4 thoughts on “rachel

    1. yes yes thank you – i suppose you are offering yourself to take the picture 🙂 my next appt is dec 15th-ish…somewhere around there! LOVE YOU HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  1. Hey, December 14th, time for a little pep talk about the Holidays and ways to enjoy this wonderful season with family and friend and you provided that for me, especially with the Car story.. Great advice.. Love your blog… Keep it up. Merry Christmas and wishing Tyler and you a Happy, Healthy New Year… See you Christmas Eve at Bay Leaf Baptist Church…:)

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