Blessings Garland

Our garland and a How To for you 🙂

I love autumn – the slow entrance of cool weather, vibrant colors, pumpkin spice scents, and donned scarves helps me to welcome summer’s exit. (because I do love summer, too.)

image from Cardigan Way, pinned on my “Celebrate: Autumn and Thanksgiving” Pinterest board

I love autumn for …
all of the fall colors
pumpkin pie
birthdays! – Tyler’s, Leland’s and my birthday line up to be celebrated in autumn

I even have a board all for autumn on Pinterest, full of ways and reasons to celebrate this delightful season.

And I have gotten a lot of inspiration from Kelly and her blog series, Savour the Season, at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. (which, I think is the cutest name, don’t you!?)

Life lived to the full is summer for me. And life thankful is autumn for me.
Thanking the Lord for all of his blessings. Sipping hot cider and savoring life’s gifts. The season is perfectly tied together by the ribbon of Thanksgiving.

So this season, after we took down the Happy Birthday garland for Tyler and Leland’s birthdays, we hung our blessings garland.

I took inspiration from Kim McCrary’s blog, All Things Simple, which I found through Pinterest.

Kim’s Garland – She used needle and thread to make the garland.

Here’s how I made our blessings garland ::

Step One – Using a printed template, I cut leaves out of construction paper. I cut each shape out of the four colors – red, orange, yellow, and brown; each shape per one construction paper sheet.

Step Two – Tyler and I together thought of all of the Lord’s blessings to us throughout this year and I wrote them on the leaves.

Step Three – I hole punched the stems of the leaves.

Step Four – Using brown yarn I purchased from the dollar section at Target, I strung the leaves along the yarn.

Step Four – Tyler tied knots in each end, hung the garland, and arranged the leaves. All done!

Count Your Blessings, One by One