October is for Organization

october 09 calendar

October’s Organization To Do List =

1. Clean out the downstairs closet.

2. Figure out where to put the downstairs closet’s possessions. It cannot go back into the closet.

3. Paint the walls. I’m not sure if I personally will paint the walls…

4. Hang picture frames.

5. Iron the drapes. I will personally do  this, please be proud.

6. Hang the rods – slide on the drapes.

7. Search on craigslist for two dining chairs. Hopefully purchase chairs for an amazingly inexpensive price and not even have to paint the chairs.

8. Paint the dining table and four chairs.

9. Create a very efficient office space for Tyler and me.

10. Help the person who will live in the downstairs bedroom move in.

There may not be much time for reading (or blogging) with this long list of to dos. And looking over the list, I am slightly overwhelmed (another O word for October). I will let you know how it goes, maybe with pictures.

{calendar credit: http://www.papercandyinvites.com/ and http://nancyrayblog.com}