just a little bit of prep work

Yep, I'm pregnant! In case I forget, I have the bump to prove it! *
Yep, I’m pregnant! In case I forget, I have the bump to prove it! *

With only five weeks away (give or take) until little man #2 makes his debut into our lives, there are a few prep tasks I wanted to accomplish.

One of them, with the help of Pinterest, was to prepare freezer meals. Pinterest made it super easy for me to pin, scan, and decide which recipes I would prep and freeze for the weeks’ dinners to come.

Let me just say – I did do one big grocery shopping trip, and I did shop in my pantry first (meaning, I chose these recipes because they sounded good (a few of them I have made before) and I had some or all of the ingredients already on hand).

After my grocery shopping trip, I left the non-perishables out on the counter along with the freezer bags and permanent marker. Here’s why…

I labeled the freezer bags just like all of the different blog’s instructions say to do.

I did NOT spend a whole day – or an entire evening prepping all of these meals at once. Instead, when I had ten minutes here, or fifteen minutes there, I would prep one of the meals. This was just a whole lot easier for me to think through and do.

So, here’s the list of the meals – and their links – that I have prepped and put into the freezer.

Southern Living’s Chicken Thighs with Carrots and Onions


This recipe was literally a dump-it-all-in recipe. I purchased baby carrots to take the prep work out of that, so the only prep work I had to do was chop the onion. It took maybe 10 minutes to put together and stick into the freezer.

Six Sisters’ Stuff Chicken Broccoli Alfredo


Again, with this meal prep, I literally dumped it all in and stuck the meal-bag in the freezer. I did write on the bag six sisters’ sides suggestions, which I think are salad and rolls.

A Small Snippet’s Crockpot Veggie Soup


With this meal, I actually made a huge batch of this soup and then froze the rest, which left us with about 3 good serving sizes. I may make cornbread to go along with it… or maybe not. Truthfully, too, I didn’t follow her recipe exactly; I just used what I had on hand, which you can do, too, if you’d like.

The Larson Lingo’s Easiest Dinner Ever


This meal I have made before – a few times – and it is super easy and super delicious. This recipe also is just a dump it in and go kind of meal. The only reason I froze it all together instead of just keeping the separate ingredients on hand was for me to know that there was one more meal in the freezer ready to go without any prep work for that day.

** All of the meals need to be thawed 24 hrs / the night before. Then, add it to your crock pot and enjoy! The soup can even be just heated on the stovetop.

For a blog post on other really yummy, simple recipes, click here.

To see what other little projects I’ve accomplished, visit my Done! board and my Tasted and Tried board on my Pinterest page.

hierarchy of priorities – a real life example

Sometimes your relationships and your planner can collide. This is when it is so very important to let the Lord take the front seat, to remember who comes first in your personal “OTHERS” aspect of JOY, and to remember that your planner is to help you keep your relationships in order.

Here’s a very recent real life example in my life ::

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planning – hierarchy of priorities

Planning includes dealing with hierarchy of priorities. Do you know what I mean when I say this? It may seem like a mouthful, but it’s a discipline that once you get under your belt, it’s simple to maintain. Please realize that when I use the word simple, I do not mean “easy.” Relating to yesterday’s post, running is simple – but running is not easy. Especially not at first!

Ohk, so hierarchy of priorities has to do with ordering your world, ordering your relationships. We look to Scripture to know order – God is the God of order – and to know what our world should center around. Scripture tells us from the very beginning – in Genesis before the Fall, that our worlds should be ordered around

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planning – tips and tools

Part of fulfilling your purpose is planning your life before the Lord, as you listen and obey Him. This is simple – and a life long practice. Just like running- which honestly, I don’t do much of, I just know it’s an easy to understand analogy – it’s a simple exercise; you just have to train yourself to do it and be good at it. Soon, you are going miles and miles.

With planning, you must start with the Lord, before the Lord, surrendered to the Lord. I begin most of my mornings early and in the Word. Many times with a cup of coffee in hand, too. I read the Word, pray for my husband and son, journal, and ask the Lord how I can love Him and love my family in this day.

Like the book of James says, it is important to say ‘as the Lord wills’ as you plan. This is not a magical blanket statement; this is a truth that you understand that a man makes his plan and the Lord orders his steps (that’s from Proverbs).

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