summer challenge

My year-long bible study through John with women from my church and hometown just ended. As we enter the summer, our fearless teaching leader (who has a WONDERFUL blog) left us with a great charge.

I so loved Emily’s encouraging charge. So, I wanted to share it with you. I thought it was perfect right after the post from John Piper on summer.

So here goes – Here are Emily’s tips for the summer ::

Determine in your heart, soul, mind, and strength to love Him more dearly and to follow Him more nearly…

1. Enjoy breakfast with the Lord, just like the disciples did. So, wake up a little bit earlier and devote those first minutes to the Lord, to His Word, journaling and praying

2. Keep a daily gratitude journal — at the end of each day, write before the Lord 5 blessings from the Lord — you can keep a personal one and or a family one

3. Read a book of the bible.

4. Read through the bible in 90 days; there is a great book, The Bible in 90 Days, so that you could use  just that!

5. Do a study personally or with some friends throughout this summer.

6. Let the Lord equip you now in summer’s sweet slowness for whatever He has prepared before you in the future. Build your house on THE ROCK, so that when the storms come, you come through; so that when summer rains come, you are rooted in Christ!


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I’m reading this book with a group of women in a summer book club at my church *

preparation – is freedom

Let me continue with the same thought from yesterday’s post. I wrote, “When you are prepared, this is the truth, you are available to help and to love others around you.”

Preparation – the physical conditioning of life – provides you with the flexibility and freedom to love and to help others around you well.

When you are prepared you can open your arms, your home, your lives, to those around you – family, friends, neighbors, strangers.

If you are not prepared – if you are not ready – if you do not have any of it all together, then you cannot easily help anyone else. You are the one who needs help.

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prepare – the physical conditioning of life

purpose. plan. prepare.

here we are at the prepare part of life.

we’ve stated our purpose.

purpose – to glorify the Lord and to enjoy Him forever. to love Him most and to love others well.

plan – JOY – Jesus, Others, You.


When I think of preparing, I think of packing for a trip. We know why and where we are going, what we are going to do. With packing, you are getting ready what you want to talk along for the ride. When you pack, you have your essentials. You take a few what-ifs. You fold your clothes well, you remember your toothbrush. I pack all of my books on top.

Preparation is packing for life. I think that sounds funny – like you are carrying a gun.

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