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Happy Valentine’s Day!!



** The first post of this series : Treasure Upon Treasure

** The second post of this series : The Law of Love

The love of the Lord and His command to us to love Him is to rest, to be, to sit, to dwell, on our hearts.

The other day I told Leland, “Listen and obey Mommy.” I am sure this is something I will say again and again a thousand times to him throughout his life. I also told Leland, “Mommy loves you, baby.”

And isn’t that exactly what the Lord is saying to the Israelites in Deuteronomy?

Children, listen and obey.

Children, I love you.

And what makes the Lord’s love even better, what makes His love better than life, is that He is perfect and so His love is perfect.

I told Leland, “Listening and obeying Mommy helps you to learn to listen and obey the Lord. It’s something you will learn throughout your entire life. And it’s funny that the Lord would have Mommy teach this to you, because she is still learning to listen and obey the Lord herself.”

Isn’t this the truth?

Even so, it’s because the perfect Lord shows us unfathomable, gracious, steadfast, faithful love – to us who are imperfect, finite, quick-tempered, fickle, impatient, faithless, faltering children – that we can love others in His love.

We each are children, His children, and as we listen and obey and remember that the Lord loves us, we can love Him in return, love others well, and live for the glory of the Lord, in our life preserved for eternity in the ultimate Promised Land.

Valentines Day : J. Alanes at North Hills

Throughout the next several days until the 14th, I will write about how you can celebrate Valentines Day – locally, indulgently, inexpensively, & romantically! Enjoy – and celebrate love!

CLiCk to Visit the Website

J. Alane’s is a Fine Lingerie retailer on the Lassiter Mill side of North Hills Shopping Center. J. Alane’s is known as Raleigh’s premier store for a great bra-fitting and for supplying its shoppers with a variety of brands and styles for a perfect fit and look. The locally owned shop offers a whole new experience in lingerie shopping, providing its customers with a feminine, comfortable, and intimate atmosphere.

About a year ago, J. Alane’s was recommended to me through a group of friends who just *loved* their experience here, so I was very excited to try it out. The owner and her assistant were polite and professional. The consultation was straightforward and helpful. The kind assistant helped me to choose a few different pieces to try – All of them were perfect, so I let the price be the deciding factor! The store is large enough to offer good selection but isn’t  too large to be overwhelming or intimidating. Since then, every time I shop at this store, I feel welcomed and at ease. Recently, I purchased soft, well made pajamas from there and am convinced I have slept better ever since!

J. Alane’s carries designers like Elle McPherson, On Gossamer, Chantelle, Spanx and  their products range from bras and sleepwear to shape wear and dainty accessories.

At First Glance : A Sneak Peak Inside the Store

This Valentine’s Day, married men can give their wives a little oh-la-la by shopping at J. Alane’s for upscale intimates in an inviting, tasteful setting. Women can treat themselves to a set of new feminine pajamas, and everyone can celebrate this special holiday of love!

~ Happy Valentine’s Day! ~

{ Photographs Courtesy of : J. Alane's website }

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes :: Which Pair Will You Pick?

I like to keep my eyes opened for great looks at a great price – And then I love to tell everybody else about it! So here is some information I am sure you will be so glad I am sharing with you

(Men, these fancy flats are perfect paired with a manicure/pedicure gift certificate for Valentine’s Day!)

“The Fancy Flat”

Seychelles “Get Outta Town” Flats, 80.00

This uptown, downtown, all around town 2010 spring in-style flat by Seychelles can be purchased for 80.00 in pewter at (and they offer free shipping). For a dress it up, dress it down all around really great looking shoe, this is it for spring 2010!

Seychelles Get Outta Town Flats

Mossimo Supply Co. Wakeisha D’Orsay Flat Sandals, 17.99

For a great look at the beach, on the boat, or by the man of your dreams for a hot date, this fancy flat is less than half the price of the Seychelles brand. Mossimo offers the shoe in pewter, black, and a champagne gold hue.

Mossimo Supply Co. Wakeisha D'Orsay Flat Sandal

{Let me know if you find another shoe designer who offers this same spring look}