How Do You Like Your Coffee?

I sit inside my little home, warm and cozy, as the chilly rain soaks the earth. The leaves have fallen, winter is almost here. The day when the cold sets into my body is certain to arrive soon. Until spring comes again, there is only a few things that can really make me warm and cozy – a hug from my husband, our snuggly bed, and a hot cup of coffee.

My perfect cup of  drip coffee is hot, camel-colored, creamy, and served in an off white ceramic diner mug. Instead of going to the diner every time I want to warm up with a hot a cup of coffee in my favorite diner mug, I found online at The City Pantry where to purchase diner mugs for our cool family and friends – and ourselves! These 8 oz. diner mugs make the perfect addition to any coffee mug cabinet – And for only four dollars a mug (or six for twenty dollars or twelve for thirty six dollars) they make great, timeless Christmas presents!